Terms of use

Please read these terms carefully before using any of our website and online store.

Acceptance of terms of use

By using any of the services of the online store www.upperblueshop.gr the user declares at the same time that he agrees and unconditionally accepts all the terms expressed in this website, as well as in the links that it refers, without any reservation and exception. If for any reason you do not accept even one of these terms, you are not allowed to use this website and make any transaction through it. If for any reason you do not accept even one of these terms, you are not allowed to use this website and make any transaction through it.


The online store www.upperblueshop.gr (store selling products through the internet) has been created by our company, the details of which are: ALAFOUZOS IOAKIM, 84700 FIRA, SANTORINI, GREECE

Renewal of the terms of use

«UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» reserves the right to freely modify, renew or revise the content, terms and conditions of transactions through this online store, whenever it seems necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to check and inform you about the terms that apply every time you use the services provided through our website.

Copyright and other protected rights

«UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» has the full copyright of the website and all its contents, unless otherwise specified. All copyrights listed and / or contained on this Website (including trademarks, trademarks, graphics, images) belong to «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» or to third parties, from whom «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» legally owns the rights to use and are protected. from Greek and International Legislation. In the event of a breach of any right, «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» expressly reserves the right to exercise any legal right to protect those rights.

Limitation of Liability

«UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» makes every possible technical effort to provide high quality services. In no case, however, can it guarantee anything, mediated or required by the contribution or partnership of third parties. As part of its good faith, «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» constantly monitors the content of its website and makes regular updates. In no case can obvious errors and inaccuracies of the content be suggested against it, which are the result of human or technical error and can be reasonably and easily ascertained. In any case of doubt, the user is obliged to contact the company and ask for clarifications.

Any reference to other sites or links to them, is made for your convenience and «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» is not responsible for the content, products, or any services provided by these sites. The photos of the products are indicative and can not be a basis for any claim against the company. In case the user of the site gives special importance to an external feature, before any transaction, he can request clarifications and further information.

Use of this website and obtaining information is at your own risk. «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» does not bear any responsibility for any damage, in particular to data files, machines or software of the user, resulting from such action. «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» is not responsible for any further damage that may arise from the execution or non-execution of orders to its online store, or from any delay in the execution of these, for any reason. The execution of the order depends on the availability of each product during the real time that it is processed by the company. Therefore, no guarantee of availability can be provided at an earlier time (eg at the order installment). In case the availability or delivery time differs from the one indicated on the product page, the company will inform you in a reasonable time. All liability of «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» is expressly excluded from the use of this website and the inability to execute an order, for any possible damage suffered by any of its users, positive or negative, material or not.

User responsibility

The user agrees and undertakes not to use the online store of «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» for any transmission or disclosure to any third party:
• any content that is illegal for any reason, infringes and damages the «UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» or any third party, whether it infringes the confidentiality or confidentiality of any person
• any content that offends users and / or transactional morals, especially social values ​​and minors.
• any content for which it has no legal or contractual right to broadcast and / or disseminate or disclose
• any content that infringes patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary, material or moral rights of third parties
• any material that contains or refers to illegal or malicious software

He is also obliged to avoid:
• any violation of Greek and / or Community legislation
• harassment of third parties in any way • collecting or storing personal data about other users. In case of violation of the above obligations, the violators assume full responsibility towards any third party, natural or legal person, as well as against any Public or other Authority.


Simply browsing the online store does not require any sensitive personal information. In case you wish to make a commercial transaction, you must inform us of the minimum necessary details. The processing of personal data collected is done strictly under the terms of Law 2472/1997, and only if you have given your explicit consent.
«UPPERBLUE THE SOUVERNEAR SPOT» uses the personal data of registered users and / or customers of its online store for the following reasons:
• Execution of orders and delivery of products to the address you will inform us.
• Issuance of the legal tax data of the transaction.
• Written or telephone communication with you, for your best service
• Member registration in our online store. This means accessing older orders, updating products you choose, changing personal information and passwords.
• Information about new offers and products (Newsletter), if you approve it.

The Company assures us that it does not distribute in any way, with or without consideration to third parties, the personal data that you disclose to it (article 11 of law 2472/1997). This information is used by the company exclusively for your service and the improvement of the provided services. They are also used to perform statistical analyzes and to draw corresponding conclusions, without reference to data that individualize the subject. If the Company is obliged in accordance with the Law or a court decision, it may provide to a competent Authority some of your personal data. The same can be done in exceptional cases where the personal safety of users or all the rights of the company are at stake and only to the extent required to protect them. You can check your personal information by going to the “My Account” section. From there you can make changes to your data. If you want to delete your personal information, all you have to do is log in to your account and choose to remove it from the main options menu. After this selection you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you stated before deleting. Personal security is the password you give when you become a member of our online store. In order to provide any of your personal information, the user’s email and password must first be provided. For this reason, you should not disclose this information to third parties. All data is stored on servers of the company’s network, which operate under a high level of security and are protected by any technically appropriate means to avoid unauthorized use. This ensures that the data is not accessible to unauthorized persons.


Our online store uses cookies as part of the facility and operation of services through its website. Electronic cookies (cookies) are small text folders that can be stored on the hard drive of website visitors. The information contained in the electronic traces make it easier for you to navigate the internet and facilitate the correct presentation of the web pages. Cookies do not cause damage to users’ computers or to the files stored on them. We use cookies to provide you with information and to process your orders while each time you exit the site they are automatically deleted. You must keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary in order for our website www.upperblueshop.gr to function properly and smoothly. The visitors of our website can configure their browsers in such a way that they either warn them about the use of cookies in specific services, or do not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any case. In case the visitors of the specific services and pages of our online store do not wish the use of cookies for their identification, they can not have further access to these services.

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